Live pterosaur; is it objective?

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Oct 282010

The word is “objective,” and the questions is, “Does it apply?” Some critics, on occasion at least, have accused living-pterosaur investigators of lacking this quality; but is that accusation accurate? Not according to the following page from “Pterosaur Eyewitness.”

In the first edition of my book Live Pterosaurs in America (repeated in the second edition, which should be published within the next few weeks), I brought up actual examples of dreams that two persons had after they fell asleep while driving: a giant bat about to collide with the car, in one dream; a herd of dinosaurs crossing the road, in another dream. . . .

As far as I know, I am the first writer to bring up this possible criticism of literal interpretations of eyewitness encounters with living pterosaurs. I believe it to be potentially one of the stongest possible objections to eyewitness accounts. Yet few of my critics, as far as I am aware (as of late October, 2010) have mentioned this possibility to explain sightings.

I suggest keeping to the evidence itself, rather than risking bulverism by accusing investigators of bias or lack of objectiveness.

Objective Ministries hoax and pterosaur “expedition”

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Jul 312010

Over the past ten years, many expeditions in Papua New Guinea have made the word “ropen” better known in the Western world. But the “Objective Ministries” web site has all the markings of a tremendous hoax. The supposed “expedition” planned for Africa seems to be just another sideline of the hoax. There is no university called “Fellowship University” anywhere and there is no such person “Dr. Richard Paley” who is both a creationist and a university professor, notwithstanding the apparent photograph on the Objective Ministries site about pterosaurs.

This site includes these words, all part of the hoax:

The goal of Project Pterosaur is to mount an expedition to locate and bring back to the United States living specimens of pterosaurs or their fertile eggs, which will be displayed in a Pterosaur Rookery that will be the center piece of the planned Fellowship Creation Science Museum and Research Institute (FCSMRI).

There never was such a “project” and there never was any plan for a “Fellowship Creation Science Museum . . .” A number of people had begun to catch on to the hoax by around 2005, and I (cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb) became suspicious when my email inquiry was not answered. Years passed without any apparent progress in the planned “project” of “Objective Ministries.” It was suggested by one person that the photograph of “Dr. Richard Paley” is a doctored photo, perhaps modified using Photoshop.

Regardless, “hoax” seems the best word to describe “Objective Ministries.” I hope the person responsible removes the web pages and admits the joke. Too many persons have been deceived by this monstrosity.

Real investigations of real persons who report real sightings of strange flying creatures (sightings really suggesting real pterosaurs)—those are what I enjoy investigating, not a hoax titled “Objective Ministries.”


Live Pterosaurs in America (nonfiction book)

Live Pterosaurs in America

The nonfiction cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America is the undisputed best seller among nonfiction books that have much content about apparent living pterosaurs (, late 2009 through mid-2010). Purchase your own copy and learn about these amazing eyewitness accounts of large “pterodactyls” flying through the skies of California, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, New York state, South Carolina, and elsewhere in the United States.

It has been found, through researching description details, that the overall sighting reports could not have come from any hoax or combination of hoaxes. The sightings are genuine encounters.

May 202010

Pastor Jacob KepasJacob Kepas the Baptist minister, native to Papua New Guinea (raised in the eastern part of the mainland), has assisted a number of Americans, for many years, in searching for the ropen. Few persons have contributed more to cryptozoological expeditions searching for living pterosaurs. Here is what is written about him on one blog, “The Bible and Modern Pterosaurs“:

. . . Kepas and his guide described how they had observed the sleeping winged creature. They had tried to videotape it from the hill they had climbed, but the resulting footage was poor . . . But even with binoculars, Kepas had been uncertain that it was the creature that they sought until his guide climbed up higher for a better view, confirming that it was an indava. . . . Regarding the objectiveness of Kepas, in his 2006 sighting of what was identified as an indava, consider this: Kepas himself voiced his uncertainty that what he was observing was the creature that they had sought; the distance and viewing angle made identification difficult. After the other man had climbed higher, obtaining a better viewing angle, it was confirmed to be an indava. This confirms that Kepas is capable of objectiveness in his observations, for he did not force a conclusion when the conditions were inadequate for certainty.

As I recall, this photo of Pastor Kepas was for requesting financial assistance for one or more of the churches in Papua New Guinea (a roof for a church and new hymn books, or something like that), so, for those to whom it may apply, your assistance would be very much appreciated. The contact person in Papua New Guinea would probably be the American missionary James Blume. Thank you.

Pterosaur seen near San Antonio, Texas

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Apr 282010

As recorded in Live Pterosaurs in America, according to one eyewitness:

Neither my brother or I was prone to being scared by anything outside at night. This night was different. We noticed something flying around across the road . . . the creature was flying just above the phone lines. It would go one direction, turn, and swoop back. The shape was wrong for any large bird of the area, and the size was much too large to be any bat I have ever seen . . . The wingspan was . . . from 6-10 feet across. . . . ” . . . this was no water fowl. I have spent many years in Florida, where there are large numbers of those, and this was different. The behavior was all wrong as well. Whatever it was, it was no bird. No crane, stork, pelican, heron, owl, buzzard, eagle, hawk, or any other that I have seen, looked like this.

This sighting, taken in context with many daylight sightings of obvious pterosaurs, suggests the two eyewitnesses saw a pterosaur that night. But what if we examine this sighting apart from other sightings? After all, very little detail was seen here. The main point is that whatever was flying above the phone lines was neither bird nor bat, at least nothing that she had ever seen. Note her disclosure that “the behavior was all wrong.” That alone suggests it was no large bird or large bat, flying back and forth that night near San Antonio, Texas, for it was too large to be a bat and flew unlike any large bird should fly at night.

See Cryptozoology Book and also “Live Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific”