Jul 212010

Brian Hennessy, in recent years, has worked as a consulting psychologist for the Chongqing University of Medical Sciences in China. In 1971, he saw a “prehistoric-looking” flying creature in New Guinea (now the nation of Papua New Guinea), on the island of Bougainville. The serious nature of his profession makes this sighting report highly unlikely to have been a hoax.

Early in the morning, but in plain daylight, on a dirt road leading down to the coast, Hennessy heard the “slow flapping” and looked up to see a “very big” creature with a pointed “horn” on the back of its head. Describing this flying creature in an interview with a cryptozoologist, years later, he mentioned that there was “not a feather in sight.”

In 2006, Hennessy was interviewed by Jonathan Whitcomb; before that interview he had been unaware of cryptozoological expeditions in Papua New Guinea. He had no idea that Americans had been investigating creatures described like living pterosaurs. Hennessy was also unaware that many natives have names for giant flying creatures: indava, seklo-bali, wawanar, and ropen.

The UFO sighting in China may have no relationship to Hennessy except that one sighting was in Chongqing.

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