Oct 042010

Within the next few weeks, we’ll see the second edition of Live Pterosaurs in America; the first edition was the best-selling nonfiction cryptozoology book on live pterosaurs (through Amazon.com sales). A few details are being released early, before the book becomes available. New to the second edition are the following (but these are just an incomplete sampling of some of what’s new).

St. Louis Pterosaur Sighting

The man and his grandmother saw the large apparently smooth-skinned creature, on July 15, 2004, flying about a hundred feet above an Arby’s restuarant in St. Louis . . .

Q: What time of day or night?

A: . . . between 7:00 and 7:30 pm, it was still good daylight at the time.

Q: How wide would you estimate its wings were?

A: [It’s] hard to be precise, but I say around twenty feet; it could have been a bit wider though . . . an impressive wingspan . . . widest I’ve ever seen. . . .

Two Pterosaurs in Washington State (anonymous eyewitness)

I was 15 yrs old [when] I saw two ropens together sitting on a fence. I was riding my bike home from a friend’s house around 5 pm in [a town in southwest Washington state]. I lived in the country with my parents . . . on a wood plank fence were two of the biggest bird-like creatures I could ever imagine! I almost crashed my bike! They were about 50 ft from me . . . I noticed . . . their heads, then I thought this can’t be! Could they be dinosaurs? . . .

[Their] heads I would have to say it was maybe 4 ft long with the beak. . . . Their tails were . . . maybe 6 ft long . . . I can tell you I believe their wing span was about 20 ft tip to tip. . . . We were able to follow where they landed after leaving the fence; it was behind our ranch to a pond where a neighbor grew trout.

Chapter 6: Marfa Lights of Texas

Some accounts, not quite like James’s observations, involve “dancing” behavior. But if the lights are made by ropen-like animals, why would they move like that? Of course ropens in Texas might be hunting bats, but how could dancing help them catch bats? Insects! Of course lights attract insects. After two ropens have glowed in one area long enough to concentrate insects, they separate for awhile to allow the bats to feel safe in catching those insects. Soon the ropens return to catch the bats.

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