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First, a summary of reports from the Modern Pterosaur blog:

More Recent Sighting Reports of Pterosaurs


The “long woolly tail” is interesting, perhaps meaning the creature’s tail had hair; some pterosaur fossils show evidence of hair. Is was obviously no bat, being described as the size of a horse.

New Zealand:

“She became aware of a little creature sitting next to her,” but gave it little attention at first. She thought it to be just a small green bird with a long tail. . . . the creature bit her finger, spread its leathery wings, and flew away.


It had a long tail “with something on the end of it just like the Ropen. Then I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the wings and they weren’t feathers, they were like huge bat wings.”

New York, mid-1970’s

On a clear day around 1976, a young man saw a “dinosaur-flying-reptile” soaring over a beach on Long Island, New York. Observers thought, at first, that it might have been a kite, but they noticed that it did not have any string attached and it flew differently than a kite flies. Some drivers pulled off the road to take photos of the flying creature that had a long beak and something “pointy” at the back of its head.

Secret Location

Several cryptozoologists, who wish to be anonymous at present, have been watching the sky in an undisclosed location. This has been going on for some time, with numerous sightings. One of the recent sightings involved an apparent bioluminescent glow on the wings of one of the flying creatures, and the internal structure of one of the wings could be seen as lights from the other wings penetrated that wing.

Although the location is secret, some evidence suggests it is not in Papua New Guinea, possibly not even in the southwest Pacific. This investigation has been going on, off and on, for a few years, if sources are correct. If reports continue to be discreet (regarding location), we can hope to receive more information about sightings, at least about the creatures’ appearance and flights.


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