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Three books are said to be objective evidence that living pterosaurs in North America are a distinct possibility, or at least the flying creatures should be considered seriously as valid cryptids. The three authors, from British Columbia in Canada, Texas, and California, have each written at least one edition of a nonfiction book that primarily deals with sightings of possible pterosaurs in North America.

Live Pterosaurs in America, third edition

This newest edition gives amazing eyewitness reports from across the forty-eight contiguous states of the USA: California, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kansas, and other states. Author: Jonathan Whitcomb.

Bird From Hell, Second Edition

This deals mainly with native American Indian traditions about strange cryptids in northern British Columbia, including a dangerous nocturnal flying creature that is said to have an arrow at the end of a long tail. But this book gives more than just stories: modern encounters with potentially (at least) man-eating flying creatures. Author: Gerald McIsaac.

Big Bird

No, not the Sesame Street character. Most, if not all, of the sightings of strange flying creatures are in Texas; the encounters are shocking. Author: Ken Gerhard.

Three Books by Independent Authors

The three authors, Ken Gerhard, Jonathan Whitcomb, and Gerald McIsaac, have independently written their books, with no apparent collaboration between them. I don’t claim complete objectiveness in evaluating these three publications, as evidenced by the ad below, but I would like to present these books in some degree of comparison in some ways . . .

For those new to this fascinating field of cryptozoology, I recomment purchasing all three books on Amazon.com, for you will probably get free shipping in the bargain.

Modern Pterosaur Expert

After an expedition on a remote island of Papua New Guinea, and after having written over a thousand blog posts and web pages, and after interviewing countless eyewitnesses from various countries of the world, Jonathan Whitcomb is a pterosaur expert in the cryptozoological sense.

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