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Two eyewitnesses reported sightings of pterosaurs or “pterodactyls,” in Georgia, encounters in December of 2012. Other citizens of Georgia have recently reported older sightings.

If we combine recent reports with those of Sandra Paradise, it may eventually make enough material for somebody to write a book about this subject: modern pterosaurs in Georgia.


Loganville, Georgia, Sighting

“On Dec 10, 2012, myself and wife were driving home at around 1:30 am on Briscoe Rd in Loganville, Ga. As we crested a hill, our light came down across a large flying animal that I instantly thought looked like a pterodactyl . . . I saw what I saw and I feel odd posting this . . . but . . .”

I asked the Loganville eyewitness three questions:

  1. Was it flying over the road or just on one side of the road?  It was crossing about 30 ft in front of us over the road 
  2. About how high was it flying above the ground?  It was about 10 feet off the road
  3. Did you or your wife notice any tail on the creature?  [Yes]


Towns County, Georgia, Sightings

“I don’t know how to say this any other way except that I have seen these very large birds that don’t even come close to looking like anything else I’ve ever seen. I believe them to be Pterosaurs or something similar to them. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, and I know they went extinct a log time age, but the fact remains that I have seen three of these birds in the past year and a half, I have also heard them.”


American “Dragon Pterodactyl”

I was driving the same road, had just passed the point of my  second sighting. Looking ahead and up a hill, I saw a flock of crows  cross the road, from right to left, followed by . . . The pterosaur was in perfect silhouette, wings outstretched,  distinctive head in full view, pad on the tail. [similar to previous two sightings in this part of Georgia]


Georgia Sightings by Sandra Paradise

Sandra Paradise has released her name and is no longer anonymous. She was previously known simply as the lady who had seen two long-tailed pterosaurs in daylight east of Winder, Georgia, as she was driving to work on highway 82, east of the Barrow County Airport.


Living Pterosaur

Throughout human history, and more recently, come fascinating reports of what may have been living pterosaurs.

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