Pterosaur seen near San Antonio, Texas

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Apr 282010

As recorded in Live Pterosaurs in America, according to one eyewitness:

Neither my brother or I was prone to being scared by anything outside at night. This night was different. We noticed something flying around across the road . . . the creature was flying just above the phone lines. It would go one direction, turn, and swoop back. The shape was wrong for any large bird of the area, and the size was much too large to be any bat I have ever seen . . . The wingspan was . . . from 6-10 feet across. . . . ” . . . this was no water fowl. I have spent many years in Florida, where there are large numbers of those, and this was different. The behavior was all wrong as well. Whatever it was, it was no bird. No crane, stork, pelican, heron, owl, buzzard, eagle, hawk, or any other that I have seen, looked like this.

This sighting, taken in context with many daylight sightings of obvious pterosaurs, suggests the two eyewitnesses saw a pterosaur that night. But what if we examine this sighting apart from other sightings? After all, very little detail was seen here. The main point is that whatever was flying above the phone lines was neither bird nor bat, at least nothing that she had ever seen. Note her disclosure that “the behavior was all wrong.” That alone suggests it was no large bird or large bat, flying back and forth that night near San Antonio, Texas, for it was too large to be a bat and flew unlike any large bird should fly at night.

See Cryptozoology Book and also “Live Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific”